Q. What kind of return on investment can we expect?
A. Our performance objective is a minimum 2:1 ROI, and in recent cases, the return has been as high as 35:1.

Q. How do we know the measurement is accurate?
A. We sort, analyze and report data that originates from the hospital in a way it is not currently processed or presented. These reports present the data in a recognizable format, i.e. revenues, discharges, outpatient visits, etc. And thus, the information closely matches the hospital’s current statistical and revenue reports.

Q. Do you measure against a control group?
A. Yes, our control group is your overall commercial financial class. We measure same-store-sales; year-over-year and then compare that growth to the growth of the control group. Therefore, our value is found in the variance between the growth or decline between the control group and the targeted employer group. Success means that our targeted employers grow twice as fast or decline half as much as the control group.

Q. How do you define an encounter?
A. We define an Inpatient or Outpatient encounter as any unique record in the data file submitted by the Hospital that does not have a zero charge line. A unique record is defined by the combination of the Patient Account Number and the Medical Record Number, eliminating all duplicate records.

Q. Why do you measure discharges vs. admissions?
A. Our data is collected after the account has been coded by the Medical Records Department and the final bill is produced. Since this is a retrospective look at the information, it more closely relates to a discharged patient. By waiting for the coding to be complete, we have much more reliable data when looking at Chronic Disease Categories, MDC information, Primary Diagnosis Codes, and other product line reports.

Q. How much time and resources are required from us (the hospital)?
A. Our team of professionals handles most of the details, making this program turnkey. Because we tailor our services to meet your unique objectives your investment in both time and resources is manageable and nominal. Our commitment to customer service and our attention to detail produce the results our clients have come to expect.

Q. Does this program compete with our employer health programs?
A. No, the Corporate Account Manager is able to cross-sell your various product lines and services, which in addition to growing your physician practices; augments many of your existing programs, including your industrial health programs and your occupational health clinics.

Q. How does this program differ from our marketing programs?
A. This is not a marketing program. Rather it is a Business Development program. While our program includes a marketing component that complements and augments your existing marketing efforts, our primary focus is on employer development. Toward that end we use a variety of tools to meet our objectives. Two significant factors differentiate our program from traditional marketing.

First, unlike most campaigns including billboards, print, television, and radio, ours is completely measurable down to case frequency and revenue.

Second, while most traditional marketing programs are designed for a mass market, our approach focuses on a carefully identified, clearly defined, INSURED audience.

Q. Can this distribution channel be used to promote specific services and product lines?
A. Yes, Our distribution channels provide access to an insured population in a captive environment, which is free of media “noise” and the process we use to communicate your message has been carefully designed to deliver maximum and measurable impact.

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